garage door spring repair services

garage door spring repair

Professional Torsion & Extension Spring Repair Services

As you open or close your garage door, springs provide the necessary force through stretching and compressing. However, in time, they may experience failure due to wear and tear or unexpected damages.
Have a trusted partner for a garage door spring repair and replacement. Fortunately, our garage door technicians are always ready to solve your spring issues.

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need to Be Replaced

garage door broken spring
More often than not, garage door springs break first compared to other parts. So, you need to take note of these signs that require you for a garage door spring replacement:

Broken spring. When a spring splits into two, a garage spring repair cannot solve the problem. Ask an expert from XXX for a garage door spring replacement.
Faulty garage door movement. If your garage door opens only a few feet up and reverses its motion, a damaged or broken spring is most likely the culprit.
Heavy garage door. If you notice that your garage door is heavier than usual, it means that the springs are on the verge of failing. Look for Omega Garage Door Repair for a detailed garage door inspection.
Loose cables. Springs and cables work together to lift the garage door. So, if there is a loose cable, it could be a sign of a broken garage door spring.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

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Replacing Both Springs

In a two-spring system, the springs on each side should balance each other to lift the garage door. If one of them breaks, we need to replace both to prevent raising the door unevenly and make the door off the track. 

garage door spring

Using the Right Springs

Since the springs assist in carrying the door, they experience extreme tension. With us, you can get the most appropriate springs that can last at least 10,000 cycles. 

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Safety Inspection

For a guaranteed safe and flawless garage door spring replacement, Omega Garage Door Repair has the necessary protective gear and tools. Also, we make sure to check the other parts for any sign of damage.  

Types of Garage Door Springs

Extension Springs

extension garage door spring

Older garage doors use extension springs installed on each side. Every time the door opens or closes, they need to balance each other for an even and smooth movement. 

Torsion Springs

torsion garage door spring

Most garage doors now use torsion springs that are located at the top of the garage door. A single torsion spring is enough for a garage door that experiences less traffic. But, for heavier and wider garage doors, two torsion springs might be necessary. 

Things You Should Know

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Extension vs Torsion Springs, Which Is Better?

Tension springs offer more advantages than extension springs. They are more durable, sturdier, and long-lasting. Also, they can better control the garage door, which prevents noise and too much shaking.  

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Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion Springs

If you have an outdated garage door spring system, call our garage door technicians for a replacement. We can quickly remove extension springs and upgrade them to torsion springs. We guarantee to bring torsion springs with the highest quality and durability.

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What Not to Do After the Springs Break

As a safety precaution, you should not work with a broken garage door spring. Also, you should not try to lift the door manually as it is a falling hazard. Call our team right away for a garage door spring repair. 

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The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

Note that when you attempt to replace your garage door yourself, it might only cause you injuries and property damages.
It is best to call our team of certified and garage door technicians for a safe and accurate garage door spring repair. After our replacement, we guarantee a working garage door with durable and long-lasting springs. So, call our team today.

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